Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Windfloater at the Argos fair:

On friday Windfloater decided to goto the Argos fair in Indiana on friday. But alone was not what he wanted.

So Windfloater flew to the Uk and found Jotter and asked her if fair sounded nice.

Jotter replied,"Sounds wonderful!" Paused,"Now?"

Windfloater answered,"Yes get your flight jacket and climb abroad."

Jotter did just that and they flew off over the ocean to Indiana.

Windfloater said to Jotter,"The Candian and USA fighters that guard the borders are nice to me and like me to wave back when they wave their wings."

Jotter giggled when they did just that.

At Argos they landed then walked into the fair. They got ice cream from the dairy barn, pork sandwiches for supper, rode the ferris wheel and looked at exhibits and the animals. the animals were Jotter's favorite.

Then it was time to take Jotter home which Windfloater did. They got waves from airforce again. Including the British fighters.

After Jotter thanked Windfloater with a peck on the cheek he wished her goodnight and turned her over to Boggles and Spot and flew home to Kentwood(GR), Michigan.


Blogger Tori_Z said...

Sounds like Windfloater and Jotter had a great time! *smiles*

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